Current Advocacy

We advocate for increased safety and improved urban design to make getting around Lawrenceville a safe and pleasant experience for everyone, regardless of how they choose to get around.

Butler Streetscape Plan at Butler & Main

As part of the LC Streetscape Plan, we recommend prioritizing streetscape improvements at the Main & Butler intersection. This includes adding bumpouts for safer pedestrian crossing, completing the street tree lining, and increasing pedestrian safety by widening crosswalk bars.

Stanton Ave Complete Streets

Stanton Ave is a main connector between Lawrenceville and Highland Park, East Liberty, Morningside, and other neighborhoods. It remains a high-risk corridor. We are pushing for complete streets, including a climbing lane to allow slower-moving bicycles to safely get up Stanton, while still allowing parking to remain on the other side of the street.

Photo of the terminal

Strip District Connection

Create a safe passage between Lawrenceville and Downtown through the Strip District. This includes better sidewalks and connected bike lanes.

CP photo: Jared Wickerham

Visibility at 39th & Penn

Several intersections along Penn Ave have low visibility - cars park right up to the intersection, which means pedestrians have to step out into the intersection before being able to see oncoming traffic, and for oncoming traffic to see them. Adding paint, posts, and/or removing a parking spot next to these intersections would improve visibility and safety for pedestrians. In particular, we’d like to focus on 39th and Penn, as well as fund a study to identify other intersections along Penn that would benefit from similar measures.

Green Boulevard 2.0: 39th-43rd Street

Developed in 2013, the Allegheny River Green Boulevard Plan envisions a bike-ped commuter path extending from the Strip District through Highland Park, paired with a commuter rail, ecological improvements, open space, and improved riverfront access.

The first phase of Green Boulevard 2.0 will implement the vision of the Allegheny River Green Boulevard through the construction of a shared-use pedestrian and bicycle path along the Allegheny Valley Railroad between 39th Street and 43rd Street.

40th & Foster Connection and Signalization

We recommend a traffic study on the signalization of the 40th & Foster Street Intersection, and the reconnection of Foster Street between 39th and 40th Street. The Willow-Hatfield Neighborway deadends at 40th Street, focusing bicyclists and pedestrians alike to cross this three-lane, high-speed corridor without a designated signal. This effort was supported by former DOMI Director Karina Ricks, and Milhaus has committed to supporting it.

Repair city steps in Upper Lawrenceville / Stanton Heights

Many of the steps in Upper Lawrenceville and Stanton Heights are in poor condition. For example, the repair of the stairs at McCandless & Stanton was expected to be completed in Fall 2021, but is still incomplete. We recommend prioritizing the repair of steps in Upper Lawrenceville and Stanton Heights.

Bus Stop Improvements: Shelters & Maintenance

Bus stops and the sidewalks leading up to them throughout Lawrenceville are often not cleared of snow, and when they are, they are often cleared by volunteers. We recommend a study determining where bus shelters can be added, as well as ensuring that bus stops and connecting sidewalks have snow cleared by the city in a timely manner. In particular, based on data from the most frequently used bus stops, we recommend:

  • Penn & Main, Inbound – Bench

  • Penn & 44th, Outbound – Bus Shelter, bench if not enough space

  • Butler & 40th Street, Outbound – Bench

  • Butler & 48th – Bus Shelter, bench if not enough space

  • Butler & 51st, Inbound – Bus Shelter

  • Butler & McCandless, Inbound – Bus Shelter, bench if not enough space

  • Lawrenceville Shopping Center – Bus Shelter

Bike lanes in Upper Lawrenceville

Adding bike lanes along Butler St. above 57th St. will provide a safer connection between Lawrenceville, Morningside, Highland Park, Etna, and Sharpsburg. Butler St. is the primary route between these neighborhoods and the only route to Etna and Sharpsburg (via the 62nd St Bridge). Currently, the high-speed traffic on the upper reaches of Butler St. make this dangerous for cyclists and vehicles. Given the wide roadway, a bike lane along this stretch of Butler is ideal both as a bike safety measure and as a general traffic calming measure that will benefit cyclists, vehicles, and pedestrians. Bike lanes along this section of Butler are part of the “Proposed Priority Network” identified in the Bike(+) Plan.

Redesign of the 62nd St. and Butler St. Intersection

In addition to bike lanes in Upper Lawrenceville, the 62nd St. and Butler St. intersection is especially dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. We suggest evaluating this intersection for improvements that may include, among other things, adding signage, changing the signaling pattern, and adding sidewalk curb cuts.

Safety & Mobility Improvement Plan

The East Liberty Safety & Mobility Improvement Plan seeks to find high-priority safety improvement projects in that neighborhood. We would like to see DOMI lead a similar effort in Lawrenceville.

Capital Budget Requests

A Capital Budget Request is a request to the city to fund projects that have a minimum value of $50,000, and have a minimum useful life of five years.

Many of our projects are requests to the city made through a Capital Budget Request. See what we’ve requested:

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